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This guide will lead you on a path of discovery through the woodlands, wetlands, and pond of IDS. Explore each location's unique plants, animals, insects, and more, including:

  • Descriptions and pictures

  • Think Questions for different grade levels (Pre-K through grade 1 and grade 2 through 5) 

  • Links to resources, activities, games, books to extend the learning experience including a glossary section for quick reference for vocabulary words

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Woodlands are areas that are covered with trees and bushes. The trees are very tall and spread out. The open space between the trees lets in a lot of sunlight. There are two types of forests called coniferous and deciduous.

Ponds are small areas of still, fresh water. Ponds can be created by nature or by people. They are found in gardens, forests, grasslands and more. There are two types of ponds, permanent and temporary.

Wetlands are areas that are covered by salt and/ or fresh water. There are different types of wetlands: marshes, swamps, bogs, and fens.

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